17 Nisan 2007 Salı

Call for Mutant Art

We are beginning a new dark age… War, disaster and dead bodies… Overstimulated people have lost all their ability to sense at this point of ultimate reification and manipulation. It is the time of dystopias.
Then where is Art on this scene?
The system has institutionalized within itself, it has established the inner mechanisms of domination, global art market has reproduced the values of this society of performances… Thousands of workpiece, all alike, all lack of soul, all to figurative and all showing up for the public gallery (grandstands) invade our iner spaces in the forms of art.

However, the Art of the novel millenium has to be unbound and collective, it has to be free from domination of curators, academies, all institutional foundations, above these stars that media systematically created, and beyond the freak conceptioan called as common taste. Poetry and illustration, music and sculpture, video and grafiti, drama and science-fiction, tag live and naturalization have to merge to combine in mutant forms.

To defend the necessity of dependence to specialists, curators or institutions to hold the Artists together means to fasten the senses and emotions, to put the creativity in chains. The only thing that brings creative minds together and leads collective production in art is their unbound imagination.
Then, it is possible to construct the new Art of dreams, that is not disciplined, that is unlimited, that stands sound on thoughts and that sums up the power of hystorical avant-garde with the horizons of current Art.

New Art of the millenium is to be a mutant Art. It is to share and create the visualisations in every possible mutant form instead of producing pieces. This Art described here has a nihilist, aggressive, and downbeat nature. This Art is not wedged between disciplines, between classes, it deranges the limits, and it fights!

The Art we idealize does not give in the hubble bubble of the postmodern life, it embraces the silence of east and can penetrate into deep psycho-pathalogic cracks that modern people of science age have been exposed to. An active Art that combines the inner model and the outer reality, merges the dreams and daydreams, brings the obsessions and the passions together, and knocks the walls down. A mutant Art that has a nomadic soul, fascination of seduction, put on all the noise raising from the streets, and has not lost the sensitivity of underground. Willing to discuss, ready to be discussed…

It at least sounds nice to start to acquire our life, lure the harmony of versatile melodies without melting it into one…
The first task is to blow up the old bridges, to set the new magic railways …

Welcome to the age of mutants!


This is a call to excite the ones who will attend to this invitation for the collective production in a band, temporary or permanent.
This draft of the first call was delivered to a small number of people who consist of the core of this movement and whom the author of this call trusts and believes in.
These people are from İstanbul, Izmir and Ankara and they are productive in one or more areas like video, sculpture, literature, short-film, theatre, street-art, art, illustration, photography .
This call has no commercial or mediatic expectation. It has no relation with any association, foundation, enterprise or institute.
The ones who receive this call may invite other people who they think have the same mood and will share the soul of this formation.
Recommendations, critics, contributions and appeals to this draft will be expected until the end of November. The purpose is to compose a collective formation around the common objectives as mentioned .
For the ones who may say: It’s good but what about the prescription, here is one:
= rimbaud+beuys = tzara+mueck = magritte+banksy = artaud+maya deren = duschamp+radiohead=

Translated into English by Gözde Genç

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