26 Kasım 2007 Pazartesi

After the Bienal

On Art Market, an Advertisement and Probabilities

The discourse on globalization, which goes side by side with a unipolar world has been turned into a reality from a discourse, in a very short period of time. In international market, together with the concepts ‘hot money’, ‘internet’ and ‘information’, two basic concepts have appeared: mafia and art.

For the last 30 years, due to the international biennial events, art has been very much in the foreground. The so-called “contemporary art”, has become a symbol concept for the art market in the post-modern period. The new generation of the neo-liberal bourgeois with a good education, holding the administrative positions of the multi-national companies, have become the potential consumers/buyers of the contemporary art. Unlike their elders in their family who collected paintings or sculptures, the new generation of the elite families, have become the buyers of popular products exhibited in the biennials of the countries to which they go.

The superficial intellectual references, humorous political satires, pop symbols which do not interest the deep esthetical taste and multi-colorfulness present in many conceptual works exhibited in these events, have been appealing to the deficient psychological and personal development and the low intellectual level of this new generation bourgeois, which is stuck between the company hierarchy and multinational career opportunities into which they plunge once they finished their strict education.

While just one painting of Magritte, has psychological and intellectual relations with Foucault, Hegel or Sade, new generation contemporary artists ‘seem’ to refer to only some things. The concepts making up the topics of videos or installations which have international buyers with high prices have been in accordance with progressive liberal (!) theses of the globolist ideology which revealed in the best-sellers of popular neo-liberal theorists.

It is not hard to say that biennials have now turned into art hypermarkets where the new generation bourgeois consisting international buyers of art, can do shopping freely. A few radical works off market stuck in every biennial, have been sentenced into solitude within the glittering spectacle, like the solitude of the left within the crowd of people.

Within the glitter of the 10th International İstanbul Biennial, the following advertisement: “ we produce appropriate works to the needs of biennials”, published in the newspapers of 22 September, should be read as a notification of rejection made by restless souls who are not attracted by the appealing pressure of the market orgy. With his advertisement, the artist, Fatih Balcı, has gone beyond writing a critique on Biennial but he has realized a playful and a cautionary action. With his protest, Fatih Balcı underlines the death of the artist, i.e. the transformation of the artist into a producer of meta for the market. Of course, he has done it with the universal language of negation, i.e. black humor…

Today, for a very long time, the criticism of contemporary art prefers not to focus on the cultural logic of the multinational capitalism and the forms of spectacle at present. Against the uncontrolled dominance of the market spread like cancer, it can be seen an increase of nationalist responses instead of libertarian and anti-capitalist responses. They, of course cause responses which seem anti-globalist in the groups who are confined to domestic market in the field of art. But the responsibility taken under this process, requires a leftist sensation which will weave an alternative globalization in the field of art, linking the values of our homeland to the libertarian new wave in the world.

The artist who has turned into a worker in the international art arena, has now been transforming into a reality rather than disutopia. We do not need special regulations on censorship anymore, market has been founding its own tyranny in the most creative field, i.e. art. In the new police state of consumption, the artist has been turning into a ‘proll’, in Orwell’s terms, i.e. a work created by serial production. In the name of ‘saying no’, give a response to this advertisement, in opposition to the glitter of the Biennial which became a fair with a missing soul.

We should not think that this minor attempt is an individual notification against the huge art market. Let’s imagine of a scattered organization by including in this rainbow, street painters who set the streets free, as well as the dispossessed initiatives and individuals who produce for themselves. Let’s think also of minor voices to play part in the making process of an artistic position concerning today, bound with life, which does not lost its underground sensation and which carries in itself the radical acquisition coming from the avant-garde art.

Rafet Arslan
Translated into English by: Ayşe Özkan

25 Kasım 2007 Pazar

CİNS.... Action

Zaman ardına bir daha bakmamacasına bizleri terkediyor. İnsan-denilen tür için zaman azalırken, bizi almaya hiçbir yıldız gemisi gelmezken; yeni çağın mutantları yıkıntılar arasından tedirgince beliriyor.
Yıkım gün gün büyürken, yalana bulanmış 'gerçekliğinize' küfredeceğiz, küfredeceğiz; küfredeceğiz...
Ruhumuzun sokak gürültüleri yıkımın ardından mutant çığlıklar olarak salınıcak kozmosta; hiçliğin kara aynasında.
Ve biz küfredeceğiz varlığınıza; hiçlik adına..

18 Kasım 2007 Pazar

Korkuya Kurban Edilmek İstenen Sergi

Hafriyat sanat grubunun devam eden Allah Korkusu sergisi dolayısıyla önce provakatif basın organlarının kışkırtmalarına; hemen ardından sanatçıların resmi baskılara uğramasını, beğenilmeyen her fikrin baskı altına alınmasını S.E.T olarak kınıyoruz...

15 Kasım 2007 Perşembe

İzmir Hayalbaz/Tutku Suçları

Petrowa, Gülten Yeşiloğlu
Kartal Ali

4 Kasım 2007 Pazar


bu evrenin en çürümüş abidesi olacak ellerimiz, siz sömürmeden, biz tadına bakacağız kendi acımızın. kendi kasıklarımızaboşalacağız, acı ile doğuracağız kendimizden binlercesini.sızı mı? sızı yalnızca ardından yakılacak bir sigaraya adım olacak.o vakit yenilgi, titreyen kasları ile yorgun düşmüş bir "ben"in, kısa bir an için uykuya dalışı olacak. ardından yeniden...

Crimes of Passion 2/ İzmir Hayalbaz

All this insistent stimulation, everlasting temptatation inviting to “pleasures”, all this pressure that comes out of a dark and rotten and collapsing world compels us to “enjoy” all the time.

This scheme is not created by offences of international companies that dominate our life or tyrrany of the governments only. Even the most innocent relationship between two persons exudes fascism, it is in our daily life, it is in our ordinary lives. How can another life be possible unless this is changed?

The trauma of birth becoming a nightmare, the fall into utero from another planet, Althusser’s massage to his wife Helen, aqua fortis: the most immediate manifestation of love, guns and more guns. 7 Fatal sisters; shell, enron, bp…

The collective action and exhibition by Surrealist Action Turkiye, under the name “Crimes of Passion” concentrates in the innocence, guilt, suffering and attraction of passion. Taking a refuge in innocence of desire, in a contaminated world.

Crimes of Passion 2
S.E.T Action in İzmir Hayalbaz



Güner Yeşiloğlu

Gamze Özer

Özgür Erman

Hüseyin Ugur

Dilana Petrowa

Süleyman Zafer Handan

Bob Actor (aka:E.C.A)

Ali Kartal

Gökçen Öçalan


Gözde Genç

Duygu Kale



Crimes of Passion 1/ İstanbul Barışarock