21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Oiseaux en péril/ M.Ernst

18 Kasım 2011 Cuma

Carnival of Sleep/ Ribitch

Amerika Sürrealist geleneğinin köklü isimlerinden dostumuz Ribitch'in öykü, şiir ve çizimlerinden oluşan özel bir seçki, Carnival of Sleep başlığıyla yayınlandı.

Kitabın yayıncısı ise uluslararası Sürrealist antoloji Hydrolith'e imza atan Oyster Moon Press. Kitabın pdf formatını 0,99 dolardan adresinden indirebilirsiniz.

Kitabın duyuru metni ve kapağı:

Between dream and hallucination, the Carnival of Sleep opens its tent for the unwary somnambulist. Ribitch’s prose and poetry are sometimes dark and humorous, sometimes sublime lamentations of erotic beauty and deeply surrealist in storytelling. They are like ruptured blood vessels, gushing forth a spray of blood droplets, each bearing a different face. Illustrations by the Author

Ubik Project action in Amsterdam

action by Defter Kazıyıcılar Kooperatifi

Phosphor No.3-Leeds Surrealist GROUP

Phosphor No.3 - Memory Reclaimed

'Childhood memories, very much like dreams or primitive myths, can provide us with the keys to analogical thought; indeed, the morphologies of dreams and childhood memories are very closely linked and the exploration of the their latent narratives can lead to a rediscovery of what has been lost, which, paradoxically, is something that in the depths of our spirit we already know.'
- from the editorial, Artery of Hope, by Kenneth Cox

84 pages - B5 format - Winter 2011 - ISSN 1755-0009

Texts, poems, images on the theme of 'Memory Reclaimed' - including:

-Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Gherasim Luca: Reinvent Everything - an essay on the Romanian poet
-Three pieces on childhood memory by Bill Howe, Sarah Metcalf & Eugenio Castro
-Mike Peters, The Ruins of Memory and No Hot Ashes - two texts on memory & history
-Lurdes Martínez, Echoes of Experience Ruined - an essay on memory & place
an interview with Jan Švankmajer by Sarah Metcalf
-Bruno Solarik, Our Dreams Are A Second Life - an essay on Svankmajer's latest film
-Sarah Metcalf, Playing Memory Games - an essay on the collective exploration of memory, followed by extracts from two memory games played by Leeds Surrealist Group
-supplement: responses to a ludic enquiry
poems by Kenneth Cox, Gherasim Luca, John Hartley Williams
images by Stephen J. Clark, Jan Drabble, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Bill Howe, Juan Carlos Otaño


14 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Siber Gnosis yayında!

Siber Gnosis, Periferi Kollektif tarafından hazırlanan ve bağımsız sanatçı-çevirmen-yazarların gönüllü katılımıyla şekillenen, bir yatay yayıncılık deneyidir.

Siber Gnosis’in ilk sayısı, her bir nüshasına Periferi sanatçıları tarafından yapılan “işler” ile birer koleksiyon nesnesi olarak sunulmuştur. Sınırlı sayıda baskısı yapılan (150 adet) bu dergi, Yıkım 2011’den Toplum Düşmanı’na, Sürrealist Eylem’den Albemuth Bilimkurgu’ya, Periferi Kollektifin 10 yıllık birikiminin sonucu ortaya çıkmıştır.

Siber Gnosis; ağırlıklı olarak avangard, bilimkurgu, radikal politika, gotik ve heterodoksi alanlarında yayıncılık yapacaktır.

Kasım 2011

Siber Gnosis - 1- içerik:


Budist Anarşizm- Gary Snyder

Bitişik odalar veya eskiden Avrupa komseri olan vampir- Carlos Martins

Maddox on William Gibson- Tom Maddox

Asger Jörn için prelüde- Rafet Arslan

Gnostizm ve Heterodoksi-Kenneth Rexroht

Bir paralel evren varsayımı olarak Sürrealizm üzerine- Ombresblanches

Görsel çalışmlarıyla: Horasan, cins, Nejat Satı, Defter Kazıyıcılar Kooperatifi, Eda Gecikmez, Onston, Ubik Project

Şiirleriyle: Ela Dinçer, A. Emre Cengiz, Alper T. İnce

Bilimkurgu öyküleriyle: ED, Seran Demiral

Çevirileriyle: Sufi, Gökhan Turan, Seran Demiral, Etilen-flagg, A. Emre Cengiz


Satış noktaları:

Taksim: Mefisto ve Simurg kitapevi

Kadıköy: Mefisto

İzmir: Hayalbaz veYakın Kitabevi

Ankara: İmge Kitabevi

Eskişehir: İnsancıl ve Adımlar kitabevi

Konya: Ücra şiir

12 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

SLAG e-zine


installation by Rafet Arslan

A Statement from the Chicago Surrealist Group


The Chicago Surrealist Group and friends of the imagination everywhere stand in solidarity with the Teamster Local 814 art handlers locked out by Sotheby’s. In Sotheby’s last auction, the obscenely high prices paid for the work of surrealist artists—among others—were celebrated by the fawning press to show that all was well in the land of dollars.

Surrealism has always been an insurgent movement identified with freedom and with the emancipation of labor everywhere. The anti-worker campaigns of Sotheby’s, an auction house enjoying record sales, are of a piece with the contempt for freedom, dreams, and poetry that drives the commoditized art world. Making beauty an object of speculation, herding the ostentatious rich across picket lines to produce record sales in the hardest of times, Sotheby’s uses the terror of unemployment and the forces of law and order to bully workers.

We are not surprised by such thuggery. The relentless illogic of miserabilism makes Sotheby’s care not at all for the imagination, the labor, or even the paintings on which its profits rest. Nor are we impressed. The shows of force by the employer, and the laughable complacency of art/business reporting, represent nothing like the wave of the future.

In applauding the courageous actions of the Sotheby workers, and the ties of their struggles to Occupy Wall Street, we surrealists recognize that the triumphalist crowing of Sotheby’s and its patrons hollows out on second listen, and sounds much more like a last gasp.

And why shouldn’t it? Hanging out with millionaires and billionaires can’t be good for you. Each day a little piece of imagination withers away, acts of kindness get “lost in the shuffle,” acts of tyranny and cruelty come to the fore, until finally the equation is complete: Other people’s suffering = a larger bank account. The choice between Sotheby’s and the citizenry can be made a thousand times a day in every human action undertaken.

We fervently hope that the day is coming soon when Sotheby’s, Goldman Sachs (and all of their ilk) are recognized as the major sources of our distress. The compass wielded by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators is pointing the way.

The Surrealist Movement in the United States