8 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

ANGYE GAONA’s Freedom Cannot Be Taken Away!

20th century; has been bowed out to inventory of history by leaving its dark shadow of concentration camps, atomic weapons, fascism, blood sheds, consumption sanctuaries, glittering spectacles, to  new century of ours. This shadow is a cradle song of horror which is in imical to life as well as to freedom and in the different parts of the world by the waves of restraint, censor, prohibition, collective arrestment, it keeps making records into its dark crime book.

The last crime entered in to this inventory is the unjust accusation and defemation that Angye Gaona, Colombian Surrealist Poet, Artist and Activist has been subjected to. The crime that Gaona has actually committed is to produce with 150 year old ethics of the avant-garde. What does this crime refer to?

In her articles and interviews, Gaona has defended the rights of natives who has been killed by paramilitary gangs with the order of landowners, the rights of syndicators and the labor movement under the consistent pressure of industrialists supported by the government. Additionally, she named the current government of Colombia as “terrorist”.

As a result of this,  she has been charged with “rebellion” by the government. The first case filed in 2011 against has been dismissed thanks to international pressure. Colombia’s “low density war” government who could not condemn Gaona as a criminal of thought, chose the way of a dirty provocation and it added “drug trafficking” accusation into the second case file in addition to “rebellion”.

With this false accusation, Colombian government not only incriminated Gaona’s reputation, but also prevented  her leaving country as a political refugee. The case whose first hearing in 23 January 2012 took place in Cartagena de Indias, was with request for 20 years of imprisonment and she has been taken under home arrestment in a small “favela” with her daugther during the whole law suit process. The first result of this in practical terms was the prevention of her attendance to International Surrealist Exhibition took place in Pennsylvania in January 2012.

Now, we, the fellow poets, artists and activists from different countries, would like this false accusations against Angye Gaona to be dismissed. The government which is annoyed by the association of Gaona’s art and thoughts with the struggle for freedom of these thoughts in daily life, it presents a “reality terror” by re-creation of a lie as a “realm”, by producing/consuming/re-producing it through its attached media/public opinion.

Beyond any doubt, as intellectuals and artists of countries such ours, we have acquaintance with this sort of “fake reality” attacks created by the daily show joined with the power and the capital. In fact, this mis-en-scène taking place in Colombia right now, is not very far from the definition of “terror” recently made by Turkish government spokesman. The transformation into the offical politics of this approach which is put forward with the postulate of that the crime is committed by the painter with canvas and poet with line, with no doubt will coincide with the sad times that Angye Gaona suffers from right now.

In this sense, we take this support of intellectuals, artists and poets of Turkey as also a step of awareness which is to be formed against censors, prohibitions and inquisitions in our own country. In conclusion, Gaona is free as a poet and a Surrealist and the charges against her would only imprison her physical being. There is no such “raison” in human history which can accomplish locking up one’s liberated conscience, thoughts, dreams and imagery. Not the prohibitors or censor examiners, but history remembered and will remember only the ones against them.

Surrealist Action Turkey

February 2012, Istanbul

Translated from Turkish into English by Hande Koçak

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